Additional Benefits

In addition to all of the benefits offered at the college, the following are additional benefits available to employees:

American Express Card: The Human Resources Department has applications for employees if they would like to apply for an American Express Card. It is suggested that employees obtain this card if they will be traveling on behalf of the college (conferences, events, etc.). The American Express card is run on the employee's credit line and the employee is responsible for the bill. This card makes it easier when traveling on behalf of the college to obtain the tax exemption (along with a tax exemption certificate - please see Finance for this certificate). Please contact Human Resources for an application.

Baby Book: State College of Florida gives benefit eligible employees who are expecting a baby (or are adopting a child) baby books to track events in the child's life. If you are expecting a baby, please contact Human Resources for your baby book.

Memory Box: State College of Florida recognizes that when an immediate family member passes away, it is never easy. All benefit eligible employees will receive a memory box on behalf of State College of Florida when an immediate family member passes away. This wooden memory box comes with a book on the grieving process and the box allows for mementos to be stored in it.

Mother's Nursing Room: State College of Florida wants to support nursing mothers. We have a Mother's Room available at each of our campuses. Please contact Human Resources for more information on these rooms.

Benefits Fairs: Every year, State College of Florida holds benefits fairs at both our Venice and Bradenton campuses. Many of our benefit vendors attend this event as it is the opportunity for our employees to meet our representatives and ask questions regarding those benefits. Biometric screenings are also offered at both benefit fairs.

Open Enrollment: This is employees opportunity to make any changes to their benefits effective January 1st of the next year. Open Enrollment is the last two weeks of October annually.

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