SCF Collegiate School Students Publish iBook on Science

(Bradenton, Fla., May 15, 2014) —State College of Florida (SCF) Collegiate School sixth- and seventh-grade science students, led by instructor Andrea Santilli, have published an iBook, "Wild Wonders of Science."

The interactive book, which is available to download for free in the iTunes store, features written essays, videos and photos about the science behind their favorite hobbies such as dancing, swimming, skating or performing magic tricks, and what they encounter every day, including birds and wasps.

Students were inspired by Santilli to combine their writing skills with technology to explain their science projects in the iBook.

"Any school can use technology, but what we do with it to show students who they can become makes all the difference in the world.  If you show them how to reach their full potential, anything is possible," Santilli said.

Seventh-grade student Viviana Whalen, who wrote an essay on how birds find mates, said, "It has been a really good opportunity. We didn't realize we had all the resources we needed to publish an iBook until she [Santilli] really challenged us and showed us that we could do it."

Whalen also helped her classmate, Alexandra Fernandez, use technology to present a mock interview with a queen wasp. They recorded the interview using GarageBand and discovered that increasing the intensity and the pitch of the noise of the air conditioner in the background replicated the sound of a buzzing wasp.

Seventh-grade student Neyda Merida wrote an essay about what makes peppers spicy, and sixth-grade student Vicente Aravena explained refraction, speed, reflections and angles behind his favorite hobby: magic tricks.

"This is probably the most fun project I've done because you get to show your creative side and give information to people about things that you never really knew were true," Aravena said.

The book was edited by high school students at SCF Collegiate School. Instructors Malia Rowland, Kristin Olson, Krista Otero also were involved.

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