SCF Biotechnology Program Partners with Enzymedica Inc.

(Bradenton, Fla., May 23, 2014) — Sara van der Veken is the first State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota (SCF) student to complete an internship and land a full-time job with SCF Biotechnology Program’s newest partner, Enzymedica Inc.

Venice-based Enzymedica Inc., which offers consumers digestive enzyme products, provides SCF students on-the-job training with the opportunity for a full-time job following graduation. Internship opportunities at Enzymedica include working in research and development, new products, and various laboratory activities in Enzymedica’s state-of-the-art LEED gold certified facility.

Van der Veken completed an internship in the quality control department and has been hired as a scientific affairs associate who is responsible for ensuring that the enzymes in the supplemental products meet the standards on their labels. She was excited to find a job that is close to her home in Englewood before she graduates in Summer 2014.

She credits SCF Biotechnology Program Co-director Dr. Matt Thomas for connecting her with Enzymedica so she could apply the skills she learned in SCF’s biotechnology classes to her job.

“Dr. Matt Thomas has challenged me and boosted my confidence in my ability to conduct experiments. My experience at SCF has helped prepare me for working at Enzymedica, where I have become a valuable contributor to the team,” she said.

While at SCF, Van der Veken also was named the 2014 Outstanding Student in Organic Chemistry.

SCF’s biotechnology students learn laboratory skills and are trained in advanced molecular biology techniques used in both research and industrial environments. Designed to prepare students for employment as technicians in laboratories and industrial settings, SCF’s program meets local, statewide and national workforce needs by partnering with area biotechnology companies and providing highly qualified employees. The program provides another career choice for students interested in science, nursing or other health-care fields.

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