How the Campaign was Born

"A Day in the Life of an SCF Professor" – How the Campaign was Born

Chief among the benefits of working in marketing at State College of Florida are the many opportunities to see firsthand what makes our College a beloved institution.

"Unique selling point" (USP) is an established marketing concept that refers to a factor or aspect that differentiates a brand. It comes as no surprise to those of us who witness their dedication that our professors are the most frequently cited USP that makes SCF stand out in the minds of students and graduates. Repeatedly we hear such comments as: "My professor knew my name; I wasn't just a number." . . . "My professor saw a spark in me that gave me confidence I could succeed." . . . "My professors here are superior to the university professors at my old school." . . . (And this next is our favorite) "My toughest professor also was the best. I knew I mattered to him."

When we were mulling over a new marketing theme last spring, we kept coming back to our Unique Selling Point. But how do you put a face on the exceptional quality of SCF instruction? The answer literally was staring us in the face: We would present real life images of our professors as they go about their jobs . . . or their calling, as many view teaching. So, "A Day in the Life of a Professor" was born.

It was a challenge to narrow the long list of highly qualified candidates to a handful that the schedule would allow, but with help from Gary Russell and the Faculty Senate, our "Lucky 13" were recruited from full-time faculty. The group includes instructors to full professors, but this isn't a campaign about job titles. To our students, if you're teaching, you're a professor.

When the idea for "A Day in the Life of a Professor" first germinated, we could not have foreseen the importance of telling these stories now. This new campaign will run at least through this academic year and SCF has plenty of material to fuel a longer campaign. Photos are being shot this fall and video will be produced in the future. You can keep up with the campaign as it unfolds on Web pages, and in advertorials, feature articles and other marketing materials.


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