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Service Opportunity System 2.0

Designed to obtain your ideas to improve our SCF processes, services and programs quickly and efficiently.

Thank you for your contribution to quality improvement. It is very much appreciated. 

Service Opportunity System (SOS) Expectations:

 Be Respectful       Be Productive       Be Proactive      Be Collaborative    Benefit our Students

The SOS serves as a method for identifying opportunities for improvement/excellence that are large in scope, recur, and affect more than one person.

SOS submissions are made via a survey (SurveyGizmo) that can be found by logging on to MySCF and clicking on the employee tab. There you will find the Pride in Excellence channel with the survey link in the Service Opportunity System portion of the channel.

Each submission is carefully reviewed by the SOS Committee and assigned to one of its members as the point of contact. This individual will communicate with you at least once a month to either ask for clarifications or provide feedback on the progress of your idea. The SOS Committee will meet each month to review new submissions and report on actions taken and the status of existing submissions.

In cases where the topic or situation is not appropriate for SOS Committee action (personnel or personal issues), an SOS Committee member will respond with an email urging the submitter to follow up with the Office of Human Resources or other appropriate administrator.

If you have a personal grievance, please refer to » Employee Conflict Resolution Procedure, 1.14.03.  There are human resources protocols and procedures that will assist you in reporting an issue of that nature. If an SOS submission appears to be a human resources or personnel issue, the submission will not be reported to human resources, acted upon, or tracked by the SOS Committee.

The committee updates the SOS master spreadsheet and posts all updates monthly to the Pride in Excellence channel on MySCF. The names and contact information of submitters are not included in the posted spreadsheet.

 Additional information on the Service Opportunity System process is available via PDF.

Thank you for participating in Pride in Excellence at SCF!
SOS Committee


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