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Writing Resources


Punctuation and Grammar at a Glance
Comma Basics
Comma Rules Worksheet
Run-ons & Comma Splices
Correcting Run-ons & Comma Splices
Punctuation - Semicolon, Colon, and Dash

Grammar and Sentence Structure

Basic Writing Errors - Grammatical
Sentence Structure Coordination
Verb Tense Worksheet
Subjects, Verbs, Prepositions
Article Usage
ESL Irregular Verbs (Additional ESL resources available from writing tutors.)

Organizing an Essay

Self-Editing Checklist
Five Paragraph Essay
Proofreading Strategies
Argumentative - Classical
Argumentative - Rogerian
Argumentative - Toulmin
Compare/Contrast - Alternating
Compare/Contrast - Block

MLA and APA Format

Annotated Bibliographies & Abstracts
APA Basics 7th Edition
How to Format Headers and Page Numbers in APA
MLA Basics 9th Edition
MLA Checklist

Additional Resources

Course Guides // SCF Library
Library Guide by Subject // SCF Library
Strong Thesis Statements // Purdue Owl
MLA Citations // SCF Library
MLA Citations - Electronic Sources // Purdue Owl
APA Citing Articles // SCF Library
APA Style Introduction // Purdue Owl
APA Style Blog

Self-guided PERT Prep Diagnostic Test


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