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What is Job Shadowing and How Does it Work?

Job shadowing is an invaluable tool in the career decision-making process.   College & Career Planning at State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota guides students through career assessments and career research.  We have innumerable resources in our Career Center libraries, but there is nothing quite like the job shadowing experience. 

Job shadowing is simply an opportunity to visit with a professional to gain insight into a career.   Students who make a career decision early in their education increase their academic success by 30%.  You can be a part of this success. 


The professional provides College & Career Planning with information about their current position and career path.

This biography will be posted in the Handshake database. 

  • Students may view the database and make their request to job shadow through the College & Career Planning.
  • Job shadowing referrals will be monitored and limited to three student requests to any one professional per school year.
  • Students are provided instruction to prepare them for this experience.
  • Students can spend a day, half day or a couple of hours at the work site.  If a work site visit is impractical, a telephone interview can be helpful as well.


How can I participate?

All you need to do is contact College & Career Planning at     

  • Greet the student, introduce yourself, share your job title and hand them your business card.
  • The student may be nervous, you can put the student at ease by asking about their activities: hobbies, clubs, sports, community service and sharing your experiences.
  • Provide the student with an overview of the organization indicating where your department fits.
  • Share with the student your daily responsibilities and relate it to courses at school. 
  • Explain personal qualities, technical skills and abilities required to succeed in your position.

Thank you for supporting student success through the Job Shadowing Program at State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota.

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