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Testing Accommodations

Each semester, students registered with the Disability Resource Center must first request accommodations in the DRC Portal and then review the information below pertaining to the utilization of testing accommodations.

In Person Testing 

It is the responsibility of the student to communicate with their instructor regarding administration of exams utilizing approved accommodations. Instructors may provide an alternative space such as an office or conference room. If an alternative space has not been identified by the instructor, students should follow the SCF Assessment and Testing Center processes outlined below: 

1. Exams should be taken at the date and time designated by the instructor. Alternative date/time must be approved by the instructor and indicated in writing on the Test Referral Form. Flexibility should be discussed with instructors for the following reasons: evening classes, back-to-back course schedule, or availability of technology/staff assistance. 

2. Schedule an appointment at the Assessment and Testing Center and remember to account for extended time when making the appointment. Complete the Student Section of the Test Referral Form. Students must deliver this form to their instructor at least five business days prior to the appointment. 

3. Failure to schedule a testing appointment and provide the instructor a Test Referral Form in a timely manner may result in having to take the exam in the classroom without accommodations. 

4. For each testing appointment, students must bring a photo ID and a copy of their Eligibility Letter, located in their SCF email and DRC Portal. 

5. Students should contact the DRC if they encounter any difficulties with exam scheduling. The DRC will make reasonable efforts to provide testing accommodations on the exam date. 

Online Testing 

After requesting accommodations, students are encouraged to email each instructor to confirm time will be extended within Canvas and all third-party software. Students should email their instructor and copy immediately in cases where time has not been extended.



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