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International students wishing to study at SCF are required to provide proof of financial support in the amount of $30,000 US dollars. This proof may be in the form of a bank letter or account statement, savings account information, or an I-134 Affidavit of Support for sponsorship indicating support that will be provided (including documentation from your sponsor's bank/bank statement).

Students do not pay this amount to the College.  This is the amount the College has estimated, using government figures, to survive in the local area for one academic year.  The minimum amount required does not include travel expenses or the support of any dependents.  If there are any dependents, please add an additional $5,000 per dependent for additional living expenses and health/accident insurance.

Please Note: This $30,000 requirement is subject to change without prior notice whenever increased costs make it necessary

Please note: Tuition, fees, books and supplies, are paid one semester at a time.

Tuition and Fees ($386.52 per credit for associate level courses. Lab and special fees are required for some courses. This is based on 2 semesters of 14 hours each.)


Books and Supplies (estimated)


Health/Accident Insurance (estimated)


Transportation (estimated) 


 Living Expenses:


Room and Board (estimated)


Personal Expenses (estimated)




Fees are subject to change each year.


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