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First Time in College

Admissions Checklist

With these easy steps, you can be a student at SCF. For questions, call us at 941-752-5050, text us at 941-304-5443 or email us at Admissions@SCF.edu .

1. Apply

Visit SCF.edu/Apply to fill out an application form.

  • Create a new account (username and password) for the application.
  • Log into the application with the new username and password.
  • Upload residency documentation for in-state tuition.

2. Complete Florida Residency

If you did not upload your documents during application, please complete these steps:

Review the list of acceptable documents

  • Acceptable Documents To Support Claim of Florida Residency
    • Per s. 1009.21(3)(c), Florida Statutes, the residency determination must be documented by the submission of written or electronic verification that includes two or more of the documents identified below.  No single piece of evidence shall be conclusive. 
    • Claimant must provide at least one of the following of his/her personal documentation: 
    • Florida Voter’s Registration Card  Florida Driver License
    • Florida State Identification Card
    • Florida Vehicle Registration
    • Proof of permanent home occupied as a primary residence for 12 consecutive months prior to the student’s enrollment.  (Required: documents such as a deed or other evidence of title to property used as a primary residence, a homeowner’s policy, a title insurance policy, evidence of property tax payment on the primary residence, multiple leases reflecting a Florida address, or a lease of multiple years’ duration.)
    • Proof of a homestead exemption in Florida. (Required:  document from the county tax collector demonstrating the application of a homestead exemption to the claimant’s primary residence.)
    • Official transcripts from a Florida high school for multiple years (2 or more years), if the Florida high school diploma or GED was earned within the last 12 months.
    • Proof of permanent full-time employment in Florida for at least 30 hours per week for a 12-month period.  (Required:  pay stubs or W-2 form for the past 12 consecutive months and/or verification from employers, and/or an IRS 1099 with verification of employment for the past 12 consecutive months from an employer.)
    • A student is a qualified beneficiary under the terms of the Florida Pre-paid Post-secondary Expense program.  In this case, the student would only need to provide documentation from Florida Pre-paid to claim Florida residency.
  • Claimant may provide one or more documents from the following categories to demonstrate residency in Florida (to be used in conjunction with one document from above):
    • Declaration of domicile in Florida in accordance with s. 222.17, Florida Statutes
    • Florida professional or occupational license
    • Florida incorporation
    • Document evidencing family ties in Florida
    • Proof of membership in a Florida-based charitable or professional organization.
    • Any other documentation that supports your request for resident status, including, but not limited to, utility bills and proof of 12 consecutive months of payments; a lease agreement and proof of 12 consecutive months of payments; or an official state, federal, or court document evidencing legal ties to Florida.

Submit the acceptable documents:

  • Scan and email them to Residency@SCF.edu
  • Fax them to 941-727-6024
  • Bring them in (Bradenton or Venice)

3. Submit Transcripts to the Office of Registrar

A. High School and College/University Students

Submit your official high school transcript/GED (unless you have successfully completed a degree).
Submit all official college/university post-secondary institution transcripts.

  • Electronic transcripts sent directly to: Transcripts@SCF.edu
  • Mailed official transcripts addressed to: P.O. Box 1849 Bradenton, Florida 34206
  • Faxed transcripts from the issuing institution directly to: 941-727-6380
  • Official transcripts in a sealed envelope, dropped off to the Office of the Registrar

    Please note: The College only accepts official documents, sent directly from the issuing institution or agency. 
    We do not accept transcripts emailed from students.

The Office of the Registrar will evaluate your transcripts.

Please allow 7-14 business days for the transcript evaluation to be processed. Please allow for processing time. Please note that processing times vary and could take longer (up to 14 days) during busier times throughout the semester. 

B. GED Students

C. Students with Education Outside of the United States

  • For high school and/or college/university students from outside the U.S., original credential evaluation will be required. Visit the International Students section to learn more.

4. Test

Do I need to test? Visit SCF.edu/Testing to find out and learn how to schedule a test. If needed, submit ACT or SAT scores, taken within the past (2) years to the Office of the Registrar.

5. Complete Orientation and Registration

Visit SCF.edu/Orientation to learn more.

  • First-Time-in-College students will receive an email with orientation completion instructions.
  • If you are a returning SCF student, you may register at MYSCF.