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Non Degree Seeking Students

A non-degree-seeking student is a student who has not applied to a degree-seeking program. There are many different types of non-degree-seeking students: transient students, continuing education, corporate/community development, or someone who simply wants to take classes for personal enrichment or to increase his or her skill level.

How to Enroll? The first step in enrolling into SCF is to complete our online application.

Transient students (those who are earning a degree at a college or university other than SCF but wish to take a class here) should seek the proper transient-student/cross-enrollment forms from their home institution in order to transfer credits. Check with your advisor to make sure that the courses you take at SCF will properly transfer to your institution.

Important Information

Most students are not limited to the number of credits that can be earned. Depending upon the student’s high school diploma and/or placement test score, a non-degree student must register and enroll the next term in appropriate college-level or college-prep courses in English, mathematics, and reading until the college-prep sequence is completed.

In addition, no student will be admitted to courses designed for restricted programs. Prerequisites for courses will not be waived and placement test scores will be required for reading, writing, and mathematics courses.

High school and/or college transfer transcripts are not required, and if submitted, will be evaluated unless a baccalaureate degree has been earned.

This type of student may not receive veteran benefits, or scholarships. Students who are non-degree-seeking are not eligible for financial aid. Learn more about Financial Aid Eligibility.

If, at some time during this type of admission, a student wishes to become degree-seeking, the student must reapply and submit all documentation required of a degree-seeking student to the Admissions office at SCF.