Program Information

  • Program Level: Associate in Arts (A.A.), Associate in Science (A.S.)
  • Area of Interest: Language and Literature
  • Location: SCF Bradenton, SCF Lakewood Ranch, SCF Venice

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We offer coursework in English, Literature, Creative Writing, Spanish, French, German, Italian and American Sign Language along with Public Speaking and Interpersonal Communication.

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English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

Program Information

  • Program Level: Associate in Arts (A.A.), Associate in Science (A.S.)
  • Area of Interest: Language and Literature
  • Location: SCF Bradenton, SCF Lakewood Ranch, SCF Venice

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Register early, fall classes begin in August and spring classes begin in January in Venice and Bradenton, Florida.

What is EAP?

Students who want to improve their English to attend college in the United States or to become more professional in their English communication skills should take English for Academic Purposes (EAP). EAP is a college program for students who already know some English at an intermediate or advanced level. EAP is for students who live permanently in the United States. It is not a program for visitors. 

Who can apply to the EAP program?  

Anyone with a high school diploma from any country (or a GED) can apply to State College of Florida and the EAP program. To qualify for this program, you should be or plan to be a permanent resident of the U.S., not a visitor or tourist.

List of visas and statuses accepted by State College of Florida:  

  1. Naturalized U.S. Citizen (U.S. Citizen Certificate, U.S. Passport, or Voter Registration Card)
  2. Resident Alien / Permanent Resident (green card)
  3. Visas with letters A, E, G, or L stamped separately on it (government officials)
  4. H-1B (work permit)
  5. H-4 (spouse or child of an H-1B)
  6. Passport with the letter I (media), K (fiance/child of U.S. Citizen) or N (Parent/Child accorded special immigration status)
  7. NATO passport stamped with 0-3 (family member of NATO officials) or R (religious worker)
  8. Political Asylum, Refugee, Parolee
  9. Some specific letters or documents from USCCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) may be accepted. Bring your letter or document to the Bradenton or Venice Campus to see if it qualifies.

When do EAP classes begin?

The College operates on a 16-week semester system. The fall semester begins in August and the spring semester begins in January.  The application process takes time and students must submit an application and several documents. For that reason, it is important to apply as early as possible, ideally, six or more weeks before the start of a semester. 

How does the EAP program work?

You will be tested and placed in a level. 

  • A level 3 or 4 student will take two courses and attend class 10 hours a week. 
  • A level 5 or 6 student will also take two courses and attend class 6 hours a week. 
  • Students in levels 5 and 6 may take other college courses at the same time they are taking EAP courses. 

The courses have homework, tests and mandatory attendance. Classes are small, with 15 students maximum. Some classes take place together in a classroom, while other classes may be online, live, with Zoom or Microsoft Teams.  

Levels 3 and 4 classes are held four days a week, Monday through Thursday. Level 5 classes meet two days each week, and Level 6 classes are online.

Classes are offered both morning and evening At SCF Venice and SCF Bradenton.

LevelCoursesHours /Week
Level 3Grammar and Writing 03855 hours a week
Level 3Reading and Speaking/Listening 03865 hours a week
Level 4Grammar and Writing 04855 hours a week
Level 4Reading and Speaking/Listening 04865 hours a week
Level 5Reading 15203 hours a week
Level 5Writing 15403 hours a week
Level 6Reading 16203 hours a week
Level 6Writing 16403 hours a week

If I don’t want a college degree, can I still take EAP classes? 

Yes! If your goal is to improve your English, you are welcome to the EAP program as a PERSONAL ENRICHMENT student.  However, you still have to apply and be accepted by the College. EAP will prepare you for success in college and university, or just to improve your English for work and everyday life.

Does this program issue F-1 / I-20 visas for international students? 

No, this program does not issue student visas. This is a program for students who live permanently in the United States. If you are seeking a student visa to attend college, contact International Student Services. If you already have a student visa and have attended school in the U.S., it may be possible to study in the EAP program.

How do I apply to the EAP program?

The first step in enrolling to the EAP program begins with our online application. Be sure to select the “General Admission” option. 

How much does the EAP program cost?

Tuition for all College courses, including EAP, is based on credit hours. A course that is five hours a week has five credit hours. 

ExampleA Level 4 EAP student taking both classes will have 10 credit hours per week for that semester. The tuition to complete Level 4 is $1024.28 for a Florida resident (10 credit hours X $102.48 per hour).

Financial Aid may be available for qualified students.

Our Students Are Successful! 

Most EAP students continue at State College of Florida and successfully graduate. Many transfer to a university to continue their studies after SCF. Students in the EAP program will meet with a Success Coach to discuss future classes and career programs at State College of Florida. Students have support from the SCF Library & Learning Center, the Writing Center, the Career Resource Center, several student clubs and organizations, and of course, our excellent instructors!