Program Curriculum Design & Program Requirements

The SCF Dental Hygiene Program will introduce you to many concepts and skills.  All of the curriculum content is incorporated to prepare you for clinical practice and to meet the standards set forth by the American Dental Association Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) and the standards required by the state of Florida. 

Our process includes classroom introduction of the content and instructor demonstration.  After the demonstration, students will work on each other to develop skills.  The faculty will work individually with students to assure understanding and continued development of clinical skills.   Although amount of content is significant, the faculty who teach in this program create a student-centered learning atmosphere which is encouraging and supportive.  If a student feels additional support is necessary, the student should request one-on-one instruction time from one of the fulltime faculty (Ms. Bastin and/or Ms. McLeroy).  Occasionally, the clinical faculty may note individualized time would be beneficial for the student and may recommend making an appointment with Ms. Bastin or Ms. McLeroy to improve student performance.

The following documents list the program requirements, which must be successfully completed to graduate from the State College of Florida Dental Hygiene Program.

Students are provided with the individual competencies in the State College of Florida Dental Hygiene Handbook.  Students are encouraged to review each competency.  The program interpretation of competency is the student is able to perform the skill or evaluation without any verbal coaching or prompting.  Therefore, students should practice all of the skills numerous times before asking faculty to observe a competency.  The faculty will not provide feedback, coaching or prompting on a competency evaluation.  Students, who are unsuccessful on a competency evaluation, will have to repeat the competency successfully later in the semester.  The only exception to the opportunity to repeat a competency would be the radiography competencies.  The student has two opportunities only to complete the radiography competencies successfully.  After two attempts, the student will be deemed unsuccessful in the course requirements and will not be able to continue in the SCF Dental Hygiene Program.  Radiation exposure poses increased risk to patients; therefore there is a high standard for successful completion of the radiography course competencies.




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