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New Manager Classes

We have no courses for the current term.

Below are classes we have offered in the past but are not offered for the current term. If you are interested in taking one of these classes in the future, please fill out our FlexStart Form.

Conflict Resolution

Everyone deals with situations differently. Some people avoid conflict at all costs while others thrive on it. Learn what behaviors cause conflicts and discover ways to counteract them, how to really hear what is being said and say what you really mean. Gain the power to overcome intimidation and other attempts to control you. Start now by changing your style and smoothing out your life.

Managing People

Good people management is a skill that can be acquired.  Each manager has unique skills and talents that got him or her into a management position.  Likewise, each manager may have areas where he or she can improve.  This seminar is designed to review basic people management techniques, identify areas for improvement, and create an action plan to refine people management skills.

Motivating Employees/Name That Tune

Music has always been used to alter moods, create atmosphere, and much more.  Motivational training and behavior modification can be motivated through music.  The class will show strategies to augment the workplace and special training efforts utilizing "tunes."

One Minute Manager

Working smarter, not longer, is the premise of this seminar.  Based upon the book, One Minute Manager, by Ken Blanchard, techniques taught in this class can be applied immediately to reduce the workday and increase productivity.

One Minute Salesperson

The One Minute Salesperson, a book by Ken Blanchard, provides techniques to reduce time spent on tasks by working smarter, not longer.  Specific examples used are relevant to salespersons.

Selling Your House on the International Market

Having a difficult time selling your Florida Home? Think outside the borders. Learn how to market your property for sale on the international market in this helpful seminar. Leverage the week U.S. dollar to help sell your property faster.

Solucion de Conflictos

Todo mundo enfrenta situaciones de maneras diferentes.  Unos evaden el conflicto a toda costa, mientras otros prosperran en ellas.  Aprende que comportamientos y situaciones ocacionan conflictos y descubre maneras de contrarestar los.  Aprenderas a escuchar lo que se te dice y entender cuando se te dice y a expresar lo que que realmente es lo que quieres.  Tu tienes el poder de sobrepasar cualquier obstaculo y no estar intimidado por otros.  Empieza ahoramismo cambiando tu estilo de vida y haciendola mas facil.

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