Student Services

Access to College Events

Activities and events are typically open to the entire community and are a one-time occurrence.  Examples of activities and events include sporting events (baseball, basketball, volleyball etc.), performances (plays, concerts, etc.) and Student Government Association (SGA) and club meetings and activities (movies, trips, lectures etc.).  Individuals with disabilities may need adaptive equipment and/or auxilliary staff to fully participate in a college event.

 A facility may be in compliance with all accessibility guidelines, however, an individual with a disability may still need a specialized piece of equipment or service to meet their unique needs. A computer lab for example may have an ADA-accessible computer station with a standard set of adaptive peripherals such as a large monitor, track ball, adaptive keyboard, a speech-to-text program, a left handed keyboard, Zoom Text, Jaws, etc. Similarly, individuals that are deaf or  hearing impaired may need an ASL interpreter or real time translation services to fully access the activity or event.


1.   Be a qualified individual with a disability

2.   Submit a specific Request for Event Accommodation to the Disability Resource Center (DRC) at least 5 business days before the event

The request can be submitted by phone, fax, or mail (electronic or conventional). Individuals are encouraged to use the  Request for Event Accommodation form as it insures that all the necessary information to process the request is provided.

Minimally, and individual with a disability making such a request needs to provide the specifics of the event (identify event, date, day, time begin, time end, building, room), specify the needed accommodation (assistive listening device, interpreter etc.).   The disability or functional limitation and contact information (name, address, phone, etc.) must be listed.

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