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Clean Edison

Building Analyst/Envelope Shell Professional Combo (For BPI Certification Exam)

CleanEdison’s intensive Building Analyst / Envelope Shell Boot Camp combines our BPI Building Analyst Training and Envelope Professional Training into a concise weeklong program. The Boot Camp includes instruction in the classroom and hands-on field training using high quality diagnostic equipment. Participants will learn to identify energy efficiency issues in residential buildings using a standardized methodology and the BPI ‘house-as-a-system’ approach.   With the proper understanding and equipment, a BPI Energy Auditor is qualified to make recommendations to homeowners on how to reduce energy consumption and improve home performance. In addition, the BPI Envelope certification in conjunction with the Building Analyst certification allows your business to apply for BPI Accreditation, which is often a requirement to offer rebates and incentive programs to customers. This course prepares participants to pass the written and field exams for both the BPI Building Analyst and BPI Envelope Professional Certifications provided upon completion of the course. Take the first step to pushing ahead of the competition, Register Today!

Solar PV Mastery Course

 CleanEdison’s Solar PV Mastery Course prepares participants for the NABCEP PV Installer Certification exam. Employers and customers expect NABCEP Certification for installers, and certification is often required to qualify for installation incentives and rebates. This course gives you all 58 hours of training required for NABCEP PV Installer Certification. You can enter this course as an absolute beginner, and you will leave with the advanced knowledge needed to stand out as an experienced and qualified photovoltaic installer, project manager, or system design engineer, Register Today!

This course is ideal for individuals new to Solar who would like the most thorough Solar PV installation education available in order to qualify for the NABCEP PV Installer Exam.

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There's more to a home inspection than just looking around a building. It’s an entire process of communication skills combined with construction knowledge and business savvy.

The AHIT intensive, multiday courses offer training by experienced ASHI®, NAHI and CREIA members, covering every aspect of the home inspection business. You can’t afford not to attend one of these classes.

Learn how to conduct a thorough home inspection from the moment of pulling into the driveway to writing up the report. After completing the course, you’ll understand just what is needed to perform an actual inspection.

This course is taught per the ASHI®, NAHI, and CREIA Standards of Practice, and you’ll experience an in-depth look at each component of a house. Hundreds of slides of actual situations are shown in order to give you the best possible learning environment. This unique class takes you through, in detail, all the phases of a home inspection - including two personal on-site inspections.

You’ll also learn everything you need to do to get your home inspection business up and running.

  • What to do
  • How to do it
  • When to do it
  • Where to do it
  • How often to do it

All of these questions will be addressed in this class.

A 30, 60, and 90-day step-by-step plan to get you going.

We will teach you how to maximize your “sphere of influence” along with building your referral base of Realtors®, Lenders and Attorneys and how to set up your business - LLC, Partnerships or Corporations. The course will go over developing your image - logos, business cards, brochures and flyers necessary to get your business announced to your referral base. It will also teach you how to give a good Realtor® presentation with proper vocabulary and objection overcomers.

What are you going to do when the phone rings? The course will teach you how to inform, sell, close and schedule every call you receive. This course is an absolute must to anyone starting a home inspection business.

Call 800.441.9411 or go to to register or for more information on this exciting new opportunity.

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