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What are Core Tools?

We all know what good service is – and we all work hard to serve our College community. However, we're so busy that when things seem to work, we may prefer to follow the philosophy of "if it's not broken, why fix it?" We often forget to periodically reflect on what changes could be made resulting in services that would exceed the expectations of the individuals we serve including our students, our community members, and each other as staff and faculty.

  • Core Tools provide a framework for identifying areas that may need improvement.
  • Core Tools allow each work unit to analyze processes and work spaces to create that “WOW” moment for the individuals we serve. 
  • The Service Map- This helps break down a process into various stages by evaluating the experience of the individuals we serve from their point of view. 
  • The Everything Speaks Checklist- This helps us to see our own familiar work spaces from the point of view of the individuals we serve.
What do I do next?
  • Choose an area or process to analyze.
  • Find tips, samples, and templates on the Core Tools web page.
  • Contact a member of the Core Tools sub-committee for support if needed.
  • A Core Tool may be completed by an individual or a team.

New: Submit a completed Core Tool document to any member of the Core Tool sub-committee, and you may be nominated for a Manatee Excellence Award. (This is open to individuals at this time. Team awards are forthcoming.)


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