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The Academic Resource Center (ARC) empowers all State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota students to achieve their personal potential for learning and academic success. The core mission of the ARC is to help students become independent and active learners, and through this to achieve academic improvement consistent with their values, interests and abilities. The ARC serves as a means to help under-prepared students to prepare, prepared students to advance, and advanced students to excel!

The ARC does this by providing a variety of high-quality instructional support environments that are appropriate to an academically diverse population, including One-on-One Tutoring for Math, Science, and English; Writing Center Conferences; Developmental Skills Labs for Mathematics; Facilitated small group Tutoring Sessions; a Variety of content-specific Workshops to help students prepare for tests or other assignments in math, science, English, problem solving, study skills, and appropriate application of educational technology. The ARC also offers a comfortable study atmosphere where students can work on their own, meet with their classmates or professors, utilize the lab computers, study rooms, or a myriad of study materials -- all with the support of ARC tutoring on demand as they work.

SCF Academic Resource Center Leadership

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