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Beth Gonyea

Beth Gonyea

Admissions Transfer Specialist

Call or Text (941) 254-2916

Transfer Student Admissions Appointment:

SCF Bradenton and SCF Venice
Contact me to schedule a date and time that works for you. 

 Interested in transferring to SCF? We offer a vast array of degree programs that are in high demand and affordable. Both associate and bachelor level.

As Admission Transfer Specialist, I am happy to assist you through each admissions step from application through registration.

Feel free to contact me; I look forward to making you a Manatee!

Term Start Dates

Spring 2020 Start Dates
Full Term begins Jan 6th
12 Week Session begins Feb 3rd
8 Week Session begins March 9th



Are you ready to transfer your credits to SCF?  Here are some important things to know.

First, the Office of the Registrar determines how coursework from post-secondary institutions will be applied at SCF. Courses from regionally accredited institutions will be considered for transfer credit. Coursework from institutions without regional accreditation will be evaluated on an individual basis. Additional supporting documentation may be required. If it is, we’ll let you know.

Second, students seeking transfer credit must request to have each official transcript which can be sent directly from their institution to SCF via mail, email or fax or hand delivered in a sealed envelope by the student. You can bring an unofficial copy of any prior transcripts to SCF when meeting with Beth to receive preliminary guidance, but remember that you must request to have official copies submitted to SCF for official review. Transcripts can be submitted by mail to: SCF, Office of the Registrar, PO Box 1849, Bradenton, FL 34206 or electronically to . If you need help figuring out how to request your transcripts, contact Beth – she can help you out.

Are you just visiting SCF for a semester from another college/university? If you are currently attending a Florida public institution, please apply through  If you are visiting from an out-of-state or private institution, please apply online at


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