Physical Therapist Assistant Program Information

Graduates of the program will become physical therapist assistants (PTA’s), who are skilled health care providers working under the direction and supervision of a physical therapist.

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The Physical Therapist Assistant Program at State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE)

3030 Potomac Ave., Suite 100  Alexandria, Virginia 22305-3085;

telephone: 703-706-3245;



Verify SCF Accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE)

Physical Therapist Assistant

Physical therapist assistants (PTAs) are skilled healthcare providers who work under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist. Duties of the PTA include assisting the physical therapist in implementing treatment programs, teaching clients exercises and activities of daily living, performing treatments, and reporting client responses to the physical therapist. In addition to direct patient care, the physical therapist assistant also performs functions such as patient transport, preparation for treatment, and maintenance of equipment.

Physical therapist assistants work in a variety of settings including acute and rehabilitation hospitals, private physical therapy offices, community health centers, outpatient and sports facilities, corporate or industrial health centers, research institutions, extended care facilities, home health agencies, pediatric centers, schools, colleges, and universities.

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Estimated Tuition Cost

Spring 1 (Application Prerequisites)Fall 1  Spring 2Fall 2Spring 3Totals
Cr. Hrs.131515171474
App. Fee$35.00    $35.00
Tuition – Florida Resident$1,332.24$1,537.20$1,537.20$1,742.16$1,434.72$7,583.52
CPR $60.00   $60.00
CastleBranch, Physical Exam, Titers, Immunizations     $500.00       $500.00
Books, Supplies$352.00$588.00$233.00$452.00$154.00$1,779.00
Lab Fees$45.00$85.50$27.00$15.50$50.00$223.00
Access Fee$40.00$40.00$40.00$40.00$40.00$200.00
Uniform $108.00   $108.00
APTA Membership $80.00   $80.00
Graduation Fee    $20.00$20.00
Licensure Fees    $750.00$750.00
Total by Term$1,804.24$2,998.70$1,837.20$2,249.66$2,448.72$11,338.52
FL Resident Total Cost of Program$11,338.52
Tuition – Non Resident$5,024.76$5,797.80$5,797.80$6,570.84$5,411.28$28,602.48
Non-Resident Total Cost of Program$32,357.48

Program Enrollment, Graduation, and Outcome Data

Class of 2023Class of 2022Class of 2021Class of 2020
Total Applicants916791100
Class Start Size25222522
Total Graduates20172215
Graduation Rate*80%77.3%88%75%
NPTAE Pass Rate 85%88.2%90.9%100%
Employment Rate***100%100%100%100%

Two-Year Graduation Rate* (2022-2023):  78.7%
Two-Year Ultimate NPTAE Pass Rate** (2022-2023): 86.5%
Two-Year Employment Rate*** (2022-2023): 100%
*Graduation Rate is calculated utilizing CAPTE Annual Accreditation Report data and formula
**Pass rate data as reported on FSBPT Basic Pass Rate Report available at
***Employment Rate is calculated by data obtained via Graduate Surveys and represents % of graduates who indicated they sought employment and were employed as PTAs within 6 months of becoming licensed as a PTA.

Information current as of October 2023

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

When is the application deadline?

Applications are accepted each year from March 1 – June 1.

Does this program have a “wait list”?

No. Students who apply and are not accepted must re-apply the following year. An “alternate” list may be utilized during the admissions cycle of a given year.

How many students are accepted in the program each year?

24 students are accepted annually; approximately 75 – 125 students have applied annually over the past few years

If I earned a “C” in a general academic course, can I retake that class to bring up my GPA?

Yes, per the current SCF college catalog, grade forgiveness policy, students can request to retake a course that they have successfully completed earning a grade of A, B or C. Students may also reattempt courses following an unsuccessful attempt, in which a grade of D, F, W or WF has been earned.

How are students selected for this program?

In the event that there are more qualified applicants applying than available seats in the program, the following selections process will be utilized to determine applicant rank and subsequent offering of seats in the class to which the applicant applied.

Submission of a complete application during the application period (Start of Spring Semester to March 1st of the year the class is scheduled the begin)

If more qualified applicants than available seats meet the above state criteria, then those applicants who have completed the four (4) prerequisite general education course with a grade of 2.75 or better will be considered.

If more qualified applicants than available seats meet the above stated criteria, then those applicants who have completed the most additionally required general academic course towards the degree at the time of application will be considered

If more qualified applicants than available seats meet the above stated criteria then those applicants with the highest GPA in the general academic courses required by the degree at the time of application will be considered.

If at the end of the above stated criteria a tie exists between applicants, then the applicants overall GPA in all courses will be utilized to break the tie.

When will I be notified of an application decision?

Notification will be sent via SCF email to the applicant between June 15 – 20th.
Students will have a limited time to accept a seat before it is given to the next applicant.

If Accepted, when does the program begin?

The program begins the Fall semester of the year that the student was accepted. All accepted students must attend a mandatory orientation.

How much will this program cost?

The cost of in-state tuition, fees, textbooks, and uniforms for the PTA Program is approximately $10,000

Can I use the degree for transfer into a Physical Therapy program?

No, The General education credits may transfer, but the “PHT” courses do not.

How many more years would it take to become a Physical Therapist?

This varies by school. PT programs are now at the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) entry level, and offer the programs in various formats. Students generally require a bachelor’s degree followed by three or more years of physical therapy coursework.

Is this a day or evening program?

PTA courses are offered during the day. Most of the general education courses are offered in the day, evening and many are available on-line.

Do you have a part time program?

No. The PTA program is a full-time program

Can I work and still succeed in the program?

The program recommends limiting work to less than 20 hours per week. Clinical experiences are full time: M – F from 8 – 5.