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Facilities Management

Facilities Management oversees the entire Physical Plant of the College consisting of real estate, buildings, and building installed equipment on the Bradenton, Venice and Lakewood Ranch Campuses.

Facilities Management strives to provide a safe, healthy and comfortable environment conducive to learning for our students and staff. Facilities Management accomplishes this through:

  • Building and Utility Systems Maintenance
  • Building Managers Program
  • Facilities Customer Service
  • Obtaining Keys on Campus
  • New Construction, Renovation and Remodeling Projects (conception planning through design and construction)
  • Transportation

Facilities Management Construction

New Construction, Renovation and Remodeling Projects 

Facilities Management must annually develop, obtain Board of Trustees approval and submit to the State, SCF’s Three Year Capital Improvement Program (CIP). The CIP details the requirements for large construction projects such as the Parrish Campus. The Facilities Planner continuously gathers facility requirements to build this program.

Additionally, the CIP requests money from the State to support small projects in several broad categories.   A Miscellaneous Project  List approved by the President and Vice Presidents further defines the specific small projects to be accomplished in a fiscal year using approved funds. These typically number 40+ in a given fiscal year. An example would be a new air conditioning system for a building.


All College vehicles, including golf carts, are assigned to  Facilities Management and will be provided to various College departments for distinctly different purposes, all of which are limited to official College business. The acquisition of all College vehicles must be coordinated and approved in advance by  Facilities Management. Reserved vehicles are provided for student and business travel, on an as needed basis.  Facilities Management charges the using department accordingly. Instructions for the College’s authorized vehicle users to obtain vehicles, secure the funding for their use of the vehicle, and obtain the required information records regarding vehicle mileage, trips and maintenance are outlined in the Vehicle Fleet Use Procedure.