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SCF Departments

SCF Departments

In addition to academic departments, SCF has several administrative departments that serve the College to ensure our students and community receive the best possible educational experience.

Business Services

Includes the bookstore, purchasing, food services and central services.

Communications and Government Relations

The Communications and Government Relations department at State College of Florida serves several crucial purposes aimed at enhancing the institution’s reputation, fostering positive relationships, and ensuring effective communication with various stakeholders.

Institutional Compliance and Reporting

The purpose of Office of Institutional Compliance is to deploy a compliance program at all levels of the College that is in congruence with the College’s mission and strategic goals.

Facilities Management

Oversees the entire physical plant of the College. Develops, operates and maintains a high quality physical environment.

Finance and Controller

Manages the SCF budget and financial record keeping, which includes providing financial statements, accounts receivable and payable, and payroll and benefits.

Human Resources

Responsible for employment, training, employee relations, competitive benefits and compensation for the College.

Information Operations

Supports the College faculty, students and staff with their computer and telecommunication needs.

Institutional Effectiveness & Research

Collects, analyzes and provides information that supports state reporting, institutional planning and decision-making functions for SCF.


As a team, we provide the brand management, creation, direction, and coordination of the College’s multimedia productions, advertising, graphic design and production services and social media.

Sponsored Projects

Assists with the acquisition of grant funding to further the mission of the College and achieve its strategic plan.