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Institutional Effectiveness

The State College of Florida’s Institutional Effectiveness Division is a cornerstone of the institution’s commitment to continuous improvement and excellence. Comprising the Office of Information Operations, Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Office of Institutional Research, Office of Institutional Reporting, and Office of Sponsored Projects, this division is dedicated to fostering growth and enhancing the college’s impact.

Through a cyclic process of assessment, analysis, and action, the division evaluates processes, programs, services, and student learning outcomes to promote student success and address community needs. Led by the Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness, the Division of Institutional Effectiveness supports college-wide planning, guiding the data analysis process and disseminating results to stakeholders. It collaborates closely with the Offices of Institutional Reporting and Institutional Research to collect and analyze data, compiling vital information regarding the college’s effectiveness.

Additionally, the Office of Sponsored Projects works in tandem with the Sponsored Projects Committee to secure grant funding, advancing the college’s mission and strategic goals. This collective effort across offices within the division ensures that SCF maintains a proactive and data-informed approach to its institutional effectiveness and research functions, thereby contributing to the fulfillment of the college’s educational mission.

The Offices of Information Operations, Institutional Effectiveness, Institutional Reporting, Institutional Research, and Sponsored Projects are located in Building 6 (Computer Center), Bradenton Campus.