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Value and Priority

SCF recognizes that sustainability and working toward achieving a sustainable natural environment is essential to a successful learning environment and responsible citizenship. As a result sustainability is ingrained into SCF Mission, Vision and Values.

Sustainable Action Committee

Sustainability is a continuous effort integrating environmental, social and economic goals through design, planning and operational organization to meet current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. SCF is committed to incorporating sustainability into its teaching, culture, outreach and supporting operations.

The Sustainable Action Committee was created to:

  • Develop & recommend college policy and implement best practices in the area of sustainability.
  • Raise awareness of sustainable practices by evaluating the effects of current programming and recommending new initiatives for the benefit of the College and greater community.
  • Develop channels of communication that inspire adoption of these practices and expand interest and inquiry to establish new sustainable frontiers.
  • Establish the College’s reputation as a good steward of resources that demonstrates leadership in fiscal responsibility and social and environmental interests.