MAN 2021 Principles of Management and Organization (3) (A.A./A.S.)

The course presents an overview of managing a business, with emphasis on the principle functions of management. Tasks performed by all managers and other supervisory personnel are studied, along with case analysis and decision-making.

MAN 2241 Organizational Behavior (3) (A.A./A.S.)

This course provides an examination of leadership, communications and authority concepts in relation to the managerial functions of directing and coordinating.

MAN 2300 Management and Personnel (3) (A.A./A.S.)

This course offers personnel management principles and techniques. Areas studied include recruitment, selection, orientation, classification, counseling, evaluating, promotion, transferring, discharging and training of personnel in the business organization. Employee services, safety, morale, grievances, hospitalization, retirement and pension plan functions of the personnel office are included.

MAN 2933 Management Seminar (A Class in Entrepreneurship) (3) (A.S.)

This course is intended to be one of the last courses taken by Business majors. It is highly recommended that the student has completed at least one course in accounting, management, marketing and economics before taking this course. The class deals with entrepreneurship and the development of a complete business plan which is utilized in starting up a new business venture.

MNA 1345 Management and Supervision (3) (A.A../A.S.)

This is a course in basic supervision for first-level managers. Emphasis is on techniques to utilize in supervising employees. A study of the application of the supervisory functions of planning, organizing, leading, controlling and coordinating.

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