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Art, Design, Humanities

Join us in the Art, Design, and Humanities department, and let your creativity soar. Workforce degree programs in Graphic Design, Photographic Technology and Filmmaking are available. Students can take coursework within Humanities as part of the A.A. curriculum.

Graphic Design

The graphic design technology program offers a curriculum based on a combination of basic design principles and the latest technology. Instruction is distributed between both print and Web design and their respective industry applications. Focus is placed on preparing the student for immediate employment in the field of graphic design. Explore our offerings, including the Graphic Design Technology A.S. Degree, Graphic Design Support Certificate, and Graphic & Web Design Certificate.

Photographic Technology 

Photographic Technology provides students with a technical and theoretical study of photography that prepares them for a career in advertising, commercial, editorial, or fine art photography. At the core of the program is visual communication. Using analog and digital techniques to convey a narrative, intention, concept, or client’s perspective are the skills emphasized in the curriculum. Courses may include darkroom photography, digital imaging, location lighting, studio lighting, and photojournalism. Students will be in critique-based courses that prepare them for the demands of a technology driven career in photography. Explore our A.S. in Photographic Technology.


The filmmaking program trains students in the techniques of narrative video production. Our graduates use video production technology and techniques to further their careers as professional filmmakers, content creators, and storytellers. Skills learned include screenwriting; project development and production; video capture and editing; audio capture and sound design; and crewing for single-camera and television studio productions. Focus is placed on preparing the student for immediate employment in the field of video production. Explore our Digital Cinema A.S. Degree and Live Event Media Production Certificate


Dive into the rich tapestry of human culture and thought with our Humanities coursework. Students can explore courses like HUM 1020 Introduction to Humanities, HUM 2210, HUM 2234 & HUM 2235 that explore the ancient world, enlightenment through romanticism and medieval period through the scientific revolution. In addition, courses including THE 2000 Theatre Appreciation, ARH 2000 Art Appreciation, FIL 1030 History of Motion Picture are all courses that can be applied to the Associate in Arts degree.