2017-2018 Administrative/Professional Support Salary Schedule

Level Position Title     Minimum Maximum
211       $37,111  $58,635 
  Academic Student Success Advisor    
  Accountant - Finance       
  Accountant - Payroll    
  Advisor III      
  Assistant Bursar      
  Coordinator, Alumni  
  Coordinator, Customer Service, Financial Aid Services  
  Coordinator, Early College    
  Coordinator, Enrollment Technology (Title III)    
  Coordinator, Natural Science Lab    
  Coordinator, Recruitment and Orientation     
  Coordinator, Retention    
  Executive Assistant to the President and Board of Trustees  
  Head Men's Basketball Coach/Athletic Operations    
  Head Softball Coach/MANAteam Coordinator    
  Head Volleyball Coach Campus Recreation Coordinator   
  Manager, Art Gallery    
  Manager, Constituent Database (Foundation)    
  Network Systems Administrator    
  Supervisor, Maintenance and Site Utilities    
  Systems Analyst, Financial Aid Services    
  Systems Analyst, Student Affairs    
  Systems Administrator    
212       $41,453 $65,495
  Administrative Project Specialist    
  Assistant Director, Financial Aid Services    
  Associate College Registrar    
  Coordinator, Alternative Certification Program (ACP)    
  Coordinator, Benefits    
  Coordinator, BSN Program    
  Coordinator, Communications    
  Coordinator, Digital Communications    
  Coordinator, Grants    
  Coordinator, HRIS    
  Coordinator, Marketing    
  Coordinator, Procurement    
  Coordinator, Special Academic Programs    
  Coordinator, Student Support Services    
  Coordinator, Title III Grant Activity    
  Head Athletic Trainer    
  Learning Management System (LMS) Administrator    
  Librarian, P/T    
  Librarian, Reference & Instruction    
  Manager, Natural Science Lab    
  Program Director, Special Programs    
  Programmer/Report Writer     
  Senior Accountant    
  Simulation Center Technical Specialist    
  Specialist, Instructional Design    
213       $46,303 $73,159
  Coordinator, Disability Resource Center    
  Coordinator, Facilities Planning, Design and Construction  
  Coordinator, Facilities Project & Procurement    
  Coordinator, Student Life    
  DBA/Portal Administrator    
  Lead Specialist, Instructional Design    
  Library Supervisor, Access Services    
  Library Supervisor, VC  
  Library Supervisor, Collections Development & Technical Services  
  Linux Systems Administrator    
  Manager, Academic Resource Center    
  Manager, Business and Student Engagement    
  Manager, Business Operations    
  Manager, IT Customer Service    
  Manager, Scholarship/Donor Development, Foundation  
  Senior Accountant/Financial Analyst, Foundation    
  Senior Network Systems Administrator    
214       $51,720 $81,718
  Director, Admissions    
  Director, Career Resource Center and Assessment/Testing Centers  
  Director, Institutional Reporting    
  Director, Workforce Services    
  Manager, Application Support    
  Manager, Employment/Equity    
  Manager, Facilities Operations    
  Manager, Financial Services    
  Manager, Maintenance Operations & Environmental Safety & Health  
  Manager, Program Applications - Title III    
  Manager, Public Safety    
  Research Analyst    
  Senior Project Manager, Facilities Planning, Design and Construction  
  Senior Programmer/Analyst    
  Special Assistant to the President for Constituent & Government Relations
  Web Programmer/SharePoint Administrator
 215         $57,771   $91,278
  Assistant Director, Finance    
  Assistant Director, Human Resources    
  Director, ASN Program    
  Director, Athletics      
  Director, Library    
  Director of Advising Services    
  Director of Development (Foundation)    
  Director of Education Programs    
  Manager, IT Infrastructure    
216       $64,529 $101,956
  Director, Business Services & Auxiliary Services    
  Director, Communications and Marketing    
  Director, Data Analytics    
  Director, Financial Aid Services    
  Director, Online Learning    
  Director, Traffic Safety Institute    
217        $72,078  $113,884
  Dean of Students    
  Dean of Nursing and Health Professions    
  Director, Enrollment Management Operations    
  Director, Human Resources    
  Director, Institutional Compliance    
  Director, Facilities Management & Public Safety    
  Director, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness    
  Director of Finance/Controller    
  Director of Information Operations    
  Registrar, Educational Records    
218       $80,513 $127,210
  Dean - Bradenton Campus    
  Dean - Lakewood Ranch Campus    
  Dean - Venice Campus    
219        $97,811  $154,541
  Executive Director, Foundation    
  General Counsel      
220        $107,592  $169,995
  Vice President, Academic Affairs    
  Vice President, Finance & Administrative Services    
  Vice President for Planning and Institutional Effectiveness  
  Vice President, Strategic Enrollment Management    
299 President  Negotiated  
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