RN-BSN Application

To apply to the RN-BSN program, follow these steps:

1.   From the home page, click the 'APPLY NOW' green bar.
2.   Select 'Limited Enrollment Admissions'.
3.   Select 'Bachelor of Science Nursing'.
4.   Complete the online application.  

Once you have submitted the online application, you will receive an email confirming receipt through your SCF Student email.  The Nursing Admissions Coordinator will contact you as soon as your application has been reviewed.  Be sure to check your SCF Student email account throughout the application process and on a regular basis.
Not a current SCF student?  You will need to apply for admission to SCF before submitting the RN-BSN application.  This process can take 3-6 weeks and must be completed prior to applying to the RN-BSN program. 

RN-BSN Parts of Term

       5 Week Sessions         

Fall 2022 8/15/22 - 9/16/22
  9/19/22 - 10/21/22
  10/24/22 - 12/2/22
Spring 2023 1/9/23 - 2/10/23
  2/13/23 - 3/24/23
  3/27/23 - 4/28/23
Summer 2023 5/9/23 - 6/10/23
  6/19/23 - 7/22/23

Please use the SCF Catalog as an educational guide for the RN-BSN program requirements. 

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