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Textbook Affordability

The SCF Store is committed to developing and implementing strategies to comply with textbook affordability procedures set forth in Florida Statute 1004.085. Our main objective is to minimize the cost of textbooks to students. 

All required textbooks and course materials can be found on MySCF as well as under each course on the Online Course Search.

Textbook Affordability Student Options

In compliance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act along with the Florida Department of Education’s Council of President’s adopted procedures for Textbook Affordability, The SCF Store has developed a number of textbook options for students each semester as follows:

  • Textbooks bundled with supplemental materials that are available in The SCF Store must be adopted, required and utilized in the classroom by the course instructor; otherwise textbooks must be available in the standalone version.
  • The SCF Store offers a wide selection of used textbooks for as many courses as possible.
  • The availability of textbook information to include ISBN, title, author, publisher, edition, and copyright will be posted on The SCF Store’s website at least thirty (45) days before the first day of class for students to search for course materials.
  • Provide more affordable alternatives to high cost printed textbooks, such as UDT’s or ebooks, loose-leaf packages, SCF custom books, and college printed materials.
  • The implementation of a textbook rental program that gives students the opportunity to significantly reduce the cost of certain books.

revised 02-2021.

The below textbook lists and syllabi are posted in compliance with Rule 6A – 14.092, Textbook Affordability


Textbook Affordability Procedures

The Textbook Affordability bill requires colleges to adopt policies, procedures and guidelines that will help minimize the cost of textbooks in the state of Florida. In accordance with the 2020 Florida Statute 1004.085, Textbook and Instructional Materials Affordability, the SCF Store hereby adopts the following policy:

  1. An employee of a of the College may not demand or receive any payment, loan, subscription, advance, deposit of money, service, or anything of value, present or promised, in exchange for requiring students to purchase a specific textbook or instructional material for coursework or instruction.
  2. An employee may receive:
    • Sample copies, instructor copies, or instructional materials. These materials may not be sold for any type of compensation if they are specifically marked as free samples not for resale.
    • Royalties or other compensation from sales of textbooks or instructional materials that include the instructor’s own writing or work.
    • Honoraria for academic peer review of course materials.
    • Fees associated with activities such as reviewing, critiquing, or preparing support materials for textbooks or instructional materials pursuant to guidelines adopted by the State Board of Education or the Board of Governors.
    • Training in the use of course materials and learning technologies. Submission of textbook adoptions with sufficient lead time to confirm availability of the requested materials and, where possible, ensure maximum availability of used books.
  3. The College is authorized to adopt policies in consultation with providers, including bookstores, which allow for the use of innovative pricing techniques and payment options for textbooks and instructional materials. Such policies may include bulk pricing arrangements that enable students to purchase course materials or texts that are delivered digitally; delivered through other technologies that are, or the licenses of which are, required for use within a course; or delivered in a print format. Innovative pricing techniques and payment options must include an opt-in or opt-out provision for students and may be approved only if there is documented evidence that the options reduce the cost of textbooks and instructional materials for students taking a course. A determination shall be made by the academic department offering the course to the extent to which a new edition differs significantly and substantively from earlier versions and the value of changing to a new edition.
  4. Establishment of policies that address the availability of required textbooks to students otherwise unable to afford the cost.
  5. The College shall post prominently in the course registration system and on its website, as early as is feasible, but at least 45 days before the first day of class for each term, a hyperlink to lists of required and recommended textbooks and instructional materials for at least 95 percent of all courses and course sections offered at the institution during the upcoming term. The lists must include the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) for each required and recommended textbook and instructional material or other identifying information, which must include, at a minimum, all of the following: the title, all authors listed, publishers, edition number, copyright date, published date, and other relevant information necessary to identify the specific textbooks or instructional materials required and recommended for each course.

Each course instructor adopting/using bundled textbooks must complete the textbook bundle section of the textbook adoption form available through Dynamic Forms. The instructor’s signature certifies that all supplemental materials and components of the bundle are required for the successful completion of the course listed on the form.

revised 02-2021.