What is Online Learning


Online Student with LaptopOnline learning at SCF is offered in a variety of academic programs. The courses cover the same material as on-campus equivalents, but the work is completed through the use of a computer, without coming to campus. Online learning enables you to:

  • Take one or more online courses in combination with courses offered in a face-to-face environment to complete degree requirements.

  • Complete the majority of a degree in specific programs completely online.

  • Access class information and turn in assignments from home or work.

  • Have a direct connection to online instructors and advisors to assist you with your online course needs.

SCF offers many levels of online courses. These definitions may help you decide which type of class is right for you:


Online courses

Classes that are delivered 100 percent online. An instructor may meet the students face-to-face for an initial session; testing may be at a proctored site. The material covered is equivalent to normal full-time class delivery for the same number of credits. Specific details of each online course and any other requirements are listed in the course notes on the course schedule lookup page.  Any requirement for any course meeting on campus or at a particular location for test proctoring is also listed in the course notes.

Blended courses

Classes that combine the use of a classroom and the use of online coursework. Blended courses typically make up approximately 50% of the class. Details of each blended course and any specific requirements for that course are listed in the course notes on the course schedule lookup page. 

Technology-enhanced courses

A class in which the instructor uses the Web as an additional resource for students who still meet in a classroom in a face-to-face environment.  100% of these courses are conducted in class sessions, but homework or other class assignments may require the use of a computer with internet access.  

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