Honors Program

SCF Venice offers a unique two year Honors Program. Challenge yourself to begin the journey of a lifetime. Join us for an interdisciplinary exploration of life's greatest questions, while discovering the importance of civic engagement through experience. Stretch your mind through critical thinking, research, rhetoric and cultural literacy.

The Honors Program provides:

  • An enhanced interdisciplinary academic experience.
  • Hands on experience in meaningful service learning.
  • Coursework that counts toward your associate degree and transfers to four-year institutions.
  • Honors designation on coursework on your official SCF transcript.
  • Physical and digital portfolios for career or college transfer.
  • Opportunity to perform undergraduate research with faculty.
  • Colloquium attendance and capstone events 

Spring 2018 applications submitted on/before December 1st will be given priority preference.   

                                                                     Honors Application

Coursework Available:

Fall Semester

IDH 1110- Interdisciplinary Studies- General Education I-Honors, 6 credits-bridges Communications & Humanities
IDH 1111- Interdisciplinary Studies- General Education II-Honors, 6 credits- bridges Mathematics & Humanities

Spring Semester

IDH 2120- Interdisciplinary Studies- General Education III-Honors, 6 credits- bridges Social Sciences & Natural Sciences
IDH 2121-Interdisciplinary Studies-General Education IV-Honors, 6 credits-bridges two Social Sciences


For more information, contact Dr. Frances Auld, Honors Program Coordinator at 941-408-1499 or Heather Shehorn, Coordinator for Special Academic Programs at 941-408-1416


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