Professional Development

State College of Florida offers numerous professional development opportunities for its employees. 

Scholarships for Credit Classes: Full-time employees, their spouse and dependents and retirees are eligible for a scholarship to take college credit classes at SCF. The employee must be employed in a regular full-time position 90 days before the semester commences. The employee's most recent Federal Income Tax return is required to establish eligible dependent status. Scholarships must be received three (3) weeks prior to the start of the semester. Employees may enroll for up to 6 credit hours per Fall or Spring semester, and 6 credit hours for total Summer sessions. No limits are placed on the amount of credit hours for spouses, dependents or retirees. Scholarship forms must be filled out each semester and will be sent out by Human Resources. See the Scholarship for College Employees and Dependents Procedure for more information.

Non-Credit Scholarship: Full-time employees, part-time employees, their spouse and dependents, and retirees are eligible to take non-credit classes at SCF on a "space available" basis. Please contact for the non-credit scholarship form. Some classes offered by Lifelong Learning and Workforce Development are not honored by the scholarship. Please click here for a listing of classes not covered by the scholarship.

Staff and Professional Development (SPD) - Course Tuition: All regular, full-time SCF employees receiving benefits, other than those whose positions are funded exclusively by grants, are eligible to apply for SPD funds. You may request up to $1000 per year for tuition and text books. These requests need to be submitted prior to the annual deadline. Please contact for more information.

Training Opportunity Program (TOP): All regular full-time and part-time professional and career employees are eligible to participate in TOP. The purpose of TOP is to provide financial incentives to employees who complete training/education, which result in a knowledge/skill that enhances their performance in their current job. Only those training and education opportunities that apply directly to the employee's current job description or approved TOP Track courses will be approved for TOP credit. To be eligible for the TOP award the employee is required to complete 24 hours of training per year. Credit classes may be used for 16 hours per credit hour. The TOP Award is a lump sum pay of $250 paid at the beginning of December to employees completing the TOP requirements the previous fiscal year. For additional TOP information.

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