Faculty - Lower Division - Salary Schedule

2023 - 2024 FACULTY SALARY SCHEDULE – Lower Division


    1. Assignment of Academic Rank to new faculty and promotional decisions of existing faculty will be made according to the criteria in the Initial Hiring Criteria or Professorial Ranking System, approved by the Board of Trustees, as amended from time to time.

    2. The Professorial Ranking System recognizes the six ranks listed below:

(1) ADJUNCT FACULTY: Part-time, temporary. See Section #4 below for salary information

(2) LECTURER: Full-time, with benefits.





Refer to Section #3B in this section for salaries for Lecturer, Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor.


All new faculty with the Professorial Rank of Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor will be placed on annual or multiyear contract regardless of the number of years of experience. 

Note: Those new faculty who begin employment after the regular start of the fall semester will have their pay pro-rated and paid through the final pay date of the 12-month deferred pay schedule. For years subsequent to the first year, the faculty member may elect to change status and be paid over 20, 23, or 26 pays, depending on the length of contract, with prior notice to the Director, Human Resources no later than July 1 of that year.

Continuing contract, multi-year contract, annual contract or partial year contract status for full-time faculty will be determined in accordance with rules and policies of the State Board of Education and the District Board of Trustees.


      1. Full-time faculty are those faculty members who carry a full credit teaching load which is defined as a minimum of 15 classroom or on-line contact hours per week, or its equivalent, in each semester. A full-time faculty member's contract will state the amount of the salary and the term of employment.

      2. The following salary schedule will be used for all full-time 9-month faculty: 

        Level Rank Minimum Maximum
        A1 Lecturer  $25,200 $36,468
        A2 Instructor $40,930 $46,442
        A3 Assistant Professor $48,147 $54,324
        A4 Associate Professor $56,348 $63,205
        A5 Professor $65,522 $83,423

        Assistant Deans and Program Directors in Health Professions (Dental Hygiene, Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA), Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA), Radiography), and Director of Simulation Center are twelve (12) month, 35 hour per week positions.

      3. Establishing Salaries

        1. New Faculty will be placed within the range based on the evaluation of experience in accordance with College procedure for Initial Placement of New Faculty.

        2. Faculty will move within the range in accordance with District Board of Trustees approved salary increases.

        3. Faculty who have been awarded a promotion according to the Professional Ranking policy will receive the minimum salary for the next rank at the beginning of the next academic year.

      4. SUMMER A OR SUMMER B: Full-time faculty who have been recommended for employment for the next academic year, and who teach in the Summer semester(s) will be compensated at a rate of $2,550.00 per 3 semester hours, up to a maximum of 12 ILH total for all summer sessions. Summer semester hours taught above the established maximum (12) will be compensated at the standard overload rate.

      5. SUMMER BENEFIT: Full-time faculty who have been recommended for employment for the next academic year, will be maintained on benefits, including health and other benefits paid for
        by the College between contract years.


Both in-unit and out-of-unit faculty (credit) will be compensated at a rate of $2,000 per 3 semester hours. 

Overload faculty will have $32.43 deducted from their total compensation for each hour of class time for which they are absent.


Adjunct faculty will be compensated at a rate of $2,000 per 3 semester hours.

Adjunct faculty will have $30 deducted from their total compensation for each hour of class time for which they are absent.


Substitutes will be paid $30 per teaching hour. A full-time faculty member in a regular, budgeted position will receive the substitute rate of $32.43 per teaching hour when substituting outside of his/her regularly established schedule.


      1. Artist-in-Residence (Faculty who teach applied music classes)
        $183 per student
      2. Faculty Assessment of Prior Learning (Exam and Review, Portfolio Review) CEL Program
        $6 per credit hr.
      3. Faculty Re-assessment (Re-Review of Portfolio) CEL Program
        $3 per credit hr. 

8.    Duties other than those listed will be compensated by an overload, a multiple of an overload, a                             fraction thereof, or be paid based on a proration of the bargaining unit member's base salary.

9.    MILITARY SERVICE will be accepted as credit for initial placement provided the instructor was
       teaching immediately preceding and immediately following obligatory military service, up to a                               maximum of 5 years.

10.   PROFESSIONAL/INDUSTRIAL EXPERIENCE directly related to the assignment at State College                      of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota may be accepted in lieu of teaching experience up to a maximum of 5 years.

11.  HOSPITAL WORK EXPERIENCE MAY BE ACCEPTED, therefore, full-time experience (not                                 internship) may be credited for health science education faculty, up to a maximum of 5 years.

12.  DIVIDED TIME EXPERIENCE: Employment of less than 9 months in one position can be added to those             months of employment of another location during a single calendar year for credit of one year's experience.         For example: 6 months of professional work, plus 4 months of teaching during one calendar year will                   equate to one year of credit experience.


                  5 (ILH)        Class =     1/14 x $3,333.33 = $238.00 per student
                  4.5 (ILH)     Class =     1/14 x $3,000.00 = $214.20 per student
                  4 (ILH)        Class =     1/14 x $2,666.67 = $190.40 per student
                  3 (ILH)        Class =     1/14 x $2,000.00 = $142.80 per student 
                  2 (ILH)        Class =     1/14 x $1,333.33 = $  95.20 per student
                  1 (ILH)        Class =     1/14 x $   666.67 = $  47.60 per student



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