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What does exempt or nonexempt mean to me?

SCF wants all students to be successful and encourages all incoming students to take a placement test. 

The placement test is required for new students who:

  • Earned a GED or high school equivalency diploma
  • Graduated from a private high school
  • Graduated with a high school diploma as a home-schooled student
  • Graduated from a Florida public high school without earning a standard high school diploma
  • Graduated from an out-of-state high school
  • Entered the 9th grade in a Florida public high school prior to the 2003-2004 academic year
  • Are U.S. military reservist service members or veterans 

The placement test is optional for those students who:

  • Entered the 9th grade at a Florida public high school during the 2003-2004 school year or any year afterward AND graduated with a Florida standard high school diploma
  • Are currently a U.S. military active duty service member at the point of application.  U.S. military reservists are not classified as U.S military active duty service members.
  • Have taken and submitted SAT, ACT or P.E.R.T. test scores within the last two years.

*For more information about developmental education and placement testing please refer to SR 6A-10.0315 

State College of Florida cares about your success, and we want you to succeed at the highest level possible. So, we encourage you to take the common placement test (P.E.R.T.) to identify any academic areas that might require additional preparation in order for you to be successful in your classes. If you’re still wondering if you should take the P.E.R.T., the links below will take you to examples of some of the problems that you’ll be expected to solve as a college-level student. If you struggle with answering any of these questions, please consider taking the P.E.R.T. to better assess your academic strengths and weaknesses.

Sample Math Problems


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