Student Services

Academic Suspension

A student is considered on academic suspension when the probation status has not improved to a good standing classification. 

Each student is notified at the end of the term and a code is placed on the student's record. The student is not permitted to enroll for one term (Fall, Spring, Summer).

Once a student is placed on a status of academic suspension for the first time they can be immediately reinstated upon agreement to enroll in a contractual intervention strategy established by a counselor or advisor in enrollment services. Any student who is suspended two or more times must submit a detailed letter in writing to the State College of Florida admissions committee, explaining the circumstances and requesting readmission to the College. A letter stating the final decision of the committee will be mailed to the student and a copy will be placed in the student's file.

A student must earn an institutional and cumulative 2.0 GPA to avoid academic dismissal.




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