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2021-2026 Strategic Plan

To Our Community:

The higher education landscape is changing rapidly. Student populations are more diverse and there is no longer an agreed upon version of the “traditional” student. Expectations of colleges and universities have also changed. Students demand flexibility in information delivery platforms, scheduling and curriculum. They also expect more return for their investment, and there is a growing requirement that degrees lead directly to meaningful, long-term employment.

As a state college, we are designed to be nimble, responsive and flexible, and if we are to meet the higher education needs of our service region, SCF must plan intentionally for evolution. SCF is ready to set forth a new strategic direction with our “Boldly Leading” 2021-2026 Strategic Plan.

SCF began its strategic planning process in the summer of 2018 and conducted internal and external surveys, focus groups and interviews to gather the thoughts and opinions that helped shape this plan. The feedback gathered through the planning process coalesced around four broad categories that became the plan’s four strategic priorities: Opportunity, Growth, Quality, and Diversification. The priorities and goals reflect SCF’s mission and its values of Integrity, Collaboration, Innovation, and lnclusivity.

SCF’s 2021-2026 Strategic Plan outlines our vision to be the community’s first choice for higher education, economic development, philanthropic investment and cultural fulfillment.

Thank you to our Strategic Planning Steering Committee of influential community leaders and the College’s District Board of Trustees for your input and ongoing advocacy of our plan.

Dr. Carol F. Probstfeld, President


Tracy Knight, SCF Trustee, Strategic Plan Liaison