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Art, Design, Humanities

Join us in the Art, Design, and Humanities department, and let your creativity soar, your journey awaits.

Students within the Arts area are able to develop their skills and creative abilities in the area of Visual and Performing Arts, Applied Arts, Music, Theatre and Studio Arts. Programs in Humanities allow students to expand their mind historically and culturally on various topics within multiple time eras. Students looking to focus on programs within Communication and Design are able to acquire knowledge and expertise in making impacts on print and digital media.

Graphic Design: Unleash your creativity and embark on a visual storytelling journey with our Graphic Design program. We nurture your artistic talents by combining design principles, the latest technology, and real-world standards. Graduates of our A.S. program find themselves in high-demand positions in design studios, corporate in-house design departments, and even as successful entrepreneurs. Explore our offerings, including the Graphic Design Technology A.S. Degree, Graphic Design Support Certificate, and Graphic & Web Design Certificate.

The Humanities: Dive into the rich tapestry of human culture and thought with our Humanities department. We explore the essence of what it means to be human through the study of literature, government, philosophy, technology, religion, and art. The Humanities have been the cornerstone of higher education for centuries, offering a profound understanding of life’s enigmas. Explore our catalog entries to embark on this intellectual journey.

Photography: Capture moments, express emotions, and tell stories through the lens with our Photography program. Our Digital Photography degree program equips you with both foundational skills and the freedom to tailor your studies to your strengths. Graduates find their place in corporate photography studios, advertising houses, portrait studios, sports and event photography, and more. Discover the world of visual storytelling with our Digital Photography A.S. Degree.

Film: Lights, camera, action! If you have a passion for cinematic arts, our Film Program is your stage. Dive into the art of storytelling through moving images. Our A.S. Film Production Technology Degree and related courses prepare you for advanced work in digital cinema and photography. Since the 1990s, our film studies have offered production techniques, media history, and critical studies. Explore our Digital Cinema A.S. Degree and Live Event Media Production Certificate to begin your cinematic journey.