The State College of Florida Marketing Department aims to collaboratively and creatively execute mission-driven, market-savvy campaigns as a multi-faceted team of brand ambassadors.

We are marketing strategists, communicators and graphic artists who craft and mold the visual identity and voice of the State College of Florida across various platforms and initiatives.  As a team, we provide brand management, creation, direction and coordination of the College’s advertising, graphic design and production services.

The Marketing team collaborates with campus departments, faculty and staff to tell our SCF stories.  Whether you’re looking for guidance, advertising, program promotion or promotional materials, our team can help.  Together, we create content that showcases the dynamic work we do here at State College of Florida.

Services to SCF Faculty and Staff

Project Request

How you communicate your program to the public is as important as the message itself. We are here to supply you with the collateral material you need to effectively promote the College and your program.

SCF’s Marketing Request Form is required for all projects funneling through the department.  Once completed, this form provides Marketing with the who, what, when, where and how of your project, and will facilitate any needed discussions. All requests are considered in the context of the College’s priorities, timing and project volume, and are folded into the workflow accordingly.

Advertisements and Publications

Marketing is responsible for promoting College events, programs and special projects through printed and digital materials, advertising and promotional products.  All advertising, regardless of medium, that includes graphic representation of the College must be approved by the Marketing Department to ensure compliance with identity standards and brand messaging.  The department oversees all advertising content, planned placement and advertising purchases.

Marketing is responsible for ensuring that the advertisement:

  • reflects the College’s programs and services accurately.
  • communicates the College’s brand clearly and consistently.
  • contributes positively to the College’s public perception.
  • meets the College’s professional quality standards in layout and content presentation.
  • is placed in media that assures impact proportional to the cost and appears in media outlets appropriate for intended audiences.

“The SCF logo is a legally registered trademark that requires the official service mark (SM) to be affixed to the bold “SCF” in all uses and applications. The Communications and Government Relations department is responsible for the appearance and approved usage of the College logo. Advance written approval of CAGR is required before the logo can be used.

College Rules & Policies, Procedures & Practices

Re: Advertising (off-campus)

“Any college department’s use of advertising to promote events and/or programs must be approved by the president’s office or a College administrator designated by the president.

Advertising pertaining to College-wide and/or department special events or programs will be designed by the Department of Communications & Marketing and approved by the College president or a College administrator designated by the president.” Board Rule 6HX14-1.09

Re: Advertising (on campus) from off-campus enterprises

“The president or a College administrator designated by the president may approve the distribution of selected materials which are determined by the president or the president’s designated representative to be informative in nature and in the best interests of students and/or employees. The College shall not be used as an agency for the distribution of advertising materials from off-campus enterprises without the above approval.” Board Rule 6HX14-1.10