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These publishing and communication standards are available to ensure that we properly brand the College. By using these guidelines, we improve our ability to communicate our brand message and mission, and strengthen our relationship with the community.

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Communications and Government Relations

The Communications and Government Relations department at State College of Florida serves several crucial purposes aimed at enhancing the institution’s reputation, fostering positive relationships, and ensuring effective communication with various stakeholders. 

  • Public Relations and Reputation Management: The department is responsible for managing the college’s public image and reputation. This involves crafting and disseminating positive stories, achievements, and milestones to the media and the public. They work to highlight the college’s successes, contributions to the community, and its unique programs.
  • News Releases: The Communications & Government Relations is designated to handle the distribution of any College-related news or promotions that you need to communicate to the media. 
  • Media Relations: The department handles interactions with the media, acting as a bridge between the college and journalists. They issue press releases, respond to media inquiries, and arrange interviews or media coverage for important events, initiatives, and developments at the college.
  • Speaking to the Media: The Communications & Government Relations department is responsible for initiating, responding to, and coordinating with the media on all communications related to College matters and/or requests to be on College property. The special assistant to the president will participate when appropriate. This includes reporter, editor, photographer, and announcer requests from print, TV, and radio broadcasts and all other media.

    If you are contacted directly by the media on College matters:
    • Refer the reporter to the communications coordinator if the questions concern College policy, procedures, programs or operations.
    • Refrain from making statements as a representative of SCF unless coordinated by the communications coordinator.
    • Inform the communications coordinator about any requests to appear on a radio or TV station or as an identified subject of a printed news story.
  • Crisis Communication: In the event of a crisis or sensitive situation, the Communications & Government Relations department plays a vital role in managing communication.
  • Government Relations and Advocacy: This aspect involves establishing and maintaining relationships with government officials, lawmakers, and relevant regulatory bodies. The department advocates for the college’s interests, seeks funding opportunities, and ensures that government policies align with the college’s mission and goals.
  • Government Affairs and Policy: The department monitors legislative and policy changes that could impact the college’s operations. They provide input and expertise to help shape policies that are favorable to the college’s mission.
  • Strategic Planning: The Communications & Government Relations departments often contribute to the college’s strategic planning process by providing insights on how communication efforts can align with broader institutional goals.
  • Advancing College Initiatives: The department supports various college initiatives, such as fundraising campaigns, enrollment drives, and community partnerships. They use their communication skills to generate support and interest in these initiatives.

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Guidelines for College Publications

All publications and materials (other than those used solely for instruction and/or administrative offices) to be duplicated, printed and/or typeset by an outside vendor are required to be initiated with and approved by the Office of Communications and Government Relations

To learn more, please visit our dedicated Policies, Procedures and Rules page. This comprehensive resource is your go-to destination for accessing all the essential guidelines and regulations that govern State College of Florida, Manatee – Sarasota.