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Student IDs, Parking Rules & Regulations

How to obtain an SCF ID Card / Parking Decal

To obtain a parking decal you will first need to be an actively enrolled SCF student with a SCF ID card. SCF Parking decals are free but you may only be issued one. The decals are plastic cling on type decals which may easily be removed and placed into another vehicle should you need to change vehicles.

The SCF ID card is free but if you lose or destroy the ID card there is a a fee, which must be paid at the Fee Payment window in Building 1, prior to you receiving a replacement.

Bradenton CampusLakewood Ranch CampusVenice Campus
Building 14MTSC Building 2Building 500
Monday – Friday
8 a.m. and 10 p.m.
Hours may vary, please contact Security at 941-363-7155Monday – Friday
8 a.m. and 10 p.m

You are only considered an actively enrolled SCF student if you have completed the enrollment process and are enrolled in classes. Once you have enrolled in classes you may then go to the Public Safety & Security office on any SCF campus, with your state issued ID and Student ID or “G” number, to complete the process.

Traffic Rules & Regulations

Parking decals are obtained from the department of Public safety and Security offices at SCF Bradenton or Venice. At that time, you will be given a copy of the “Traffic parking Regulations” governing the Use of Vehicles at SCF.” Become familiar with the rules. Violators are subject to appear before the SCF College Student Court and if found guilty, they will be fined in accordance with the specific violation.

The following rules and regulations are in effect 24 hours a day and pertain to all students’, faculty, and staff driving on campus day or evening. These rules have been established for the benefit of each student and employee and are approved by the Student Government Association, College administration, and the SCF Board of Trustees. These rules and regulations are established and enforced to avoid confusion and danger in parking lots. All parking and traffic, including college Student Court, are under the supervision of the Vice President of Student development and Enrollment Services.

  1. All motorized vehicles parked at SCF must bear a decal. Decals must be displayed and visible at all times. Visitors must use spaces designated for visitors.
  2. Parking decals for students can be obtained at the Department of Public safety and Security.
  3. All vehicles of SCF faculty and staff must bear appropriate SCF hang tags. Hang tags are obtained from the Department of Public Safety and Security.
  4. Temporary disabled students may apply for a special identification for their vehicles from the Department of Public Safety and Security. Identifications are issued for the specific time period. In order to park in designated spaces for “Handicapped,” a disabled person by state law, must display the parking permit issued by the county tag office. The permit must be attached to the Florida license plate or placed appropriately on the rear view mirror.
  5. The college assumes no responsibility for injury to persons or damages to vehicles or its contents at any time it is operated or parked on any SCF campus.
  6. All cars must be off the SCF campus by 11 p.m. Owners of vehicles that must be left on property overnight for college trips, or because they are disabled, should contact the Department of Public Safety and Security to indicate how long the vehicle will be left on college property.
  7. Student who have decals, but temporarily drive a vehicle without, still must park in designated student parking areas. A visible note must be displayed with the date and parking decal number. This policy is good for one week only.
  8. Abandoned vehicles will be towed at the owners’ expense.

Violations & Penalties

The students will be held responsible and penalized for the following infractions:

Improperly parked in a handicap space or blocking the handicap ramp, blocking traffic, parking in a no parking area or parking over the line, no current SCF decal, improper decal or no visible decal, parking in a reserved or visitor’s space, parking a car/van/truck in motorcycle parking. The following moving violations require attending College Student Court; reckless driving, driving against flow of traffic, failure to keep vehicle under control, speeding in excess of the 15 mph speed limit, driving on a surface other than paved, failure to stop at a stop sign, or drag racing. Tickets will not be voided for any reason. Students’ who receive parking tickets can appear before Traffic Court located in the Student Club Hub, Building 14, Room 130. Fine amounts are included in “Schedule of Violations and Penalties/Fines.”

Schedule of Violation / Penalty Fees

Improperly parked in a handicapped ramp$250
Parking in undesignated areas, parking in no-parking area or parking over the line$30
No current SCF decal, improperly displayed or no decal showing$20
Parking in reserved or visitors space or parking a car/van/truck in designated parking area$20
Moving violations (must attend College Student Court)minimum $20
Excessive Vehicle Noiseminimum $20

Violation Payment & Appeal Process

  1. All persons ticketed for parking violations may make payments in person or mail payment by check or money order to the SCF cashier within 10 business days of receiving the ticket. SCF is not responsible for cash payments if mailed.
  2. A student may appeal a citation by filing a violations appeal form within 10 business days from the date of violation (indicating a desire to appear before the Student Court).
    1. A student who fails to do either 1 or 2, listed above, will be sent a first notice to pay the fine.
    2. Any student who has not cleared a violation within 10 business days will be notified that the violation has been sent to the Vice President of student development and Enrollment Services for such action as deemed necessary