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Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry is committed to supporting and encouraging the spiritual development, reflection, and dialogue of students through student sponsored programs and events, as well as partnerships with other colleges/universities and community organizations.

All students, staff, and guests who participate in any Campus Ministry program, or who utilize the Campus Ministry facility, are expected to encourage and extend a sense of mutual respect and understanding between different faiths, belief systems, denominations, historic traditions, and practices.

The SCF Campus Ministry program and facility are provided oversight by the SCF Student Life department on the Bradenton campus. Understanding the diversity of the College’s interfaith community students, staff, and guests must clearly and explicitly state the identity of the organization that they represent in any literature, display, or publicity regarding religious/spiritual programming. Additionally, the rights of any individual to decline or continue a conversation about his or her faith, spiritual, or religious beliefs will be strictly upheld.

The Offices of Student Life and Business Services/Facility Rentals supervise Campus Ministry space rentals, meeting requests, class/seminar requests, and extracurricular/co-curricular events. Staffing and hours of operation are supervised by the office of Student Life in collaboration with campus Public Safety and Security. All community partnership activities must abide by SCF’s solicitation and sponsorship policies.

To become involved with the Campus Ministry, please contact the Office of Student Life.