SCF has partnered with BankMobile Disbursements to process refund disbursements to our students. Financial aid and tuition refunds are disbursed to SCF students according to your refund preference selection.

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have a refund?

Follow the “My Tuition Bill” link at MYSCF to review your account and see if you were issued a refund. 

How can I select my refund preference?

Visit the BankMobile Refund Choices Page and follow the instructions to choose your preferred refund method.

Where is my refund? / Other questions

Visit the BankMobile FAQ’s Page to find answers to your refund questions.

SCF’s Refund Policy

Nonrefundable Fees: Application fees, deferred examination fees, documentation fees, duplicate diploma fees, graduation fees, ID card replacement fees, insurance fees, late fees, reinstatement fees, inactive BankMobile Card replacement fees, returned check fees, testing fees, transcript fees and web access fees.

Refunds During Posted Add/Drop Period: Course and special fees associated with the course are refundable when a student drops a course before the end of registration for the term (end of the posted add/drop period).  A drop with a refund is completed when a student logs on to MySCF, drops the class and submits the changes online.

The basis for refunds of refundable fees: Refunds of 100% (less nonrefundable fees) will be made until 11:59 p.m. on the last day of registration (end of the posted add/drop period).  SCF has partnered with BankMobile, to process refund disbursements to students.  Refunds are processed after the posted add/drop date of the term and sent via the selected refund preference with BankMobile.  If the fees were paid by a financial aid fund, the refund will be returned to the financial aid program that initially paid the fees.  Students who register for accelerated or short-term classes will follow the same procedures but may have separate add/drop refund deadlines.

Refunds During the Withdrawal Period: Students who withdraw from a course based upon a documented College error after the close of registration (end of posted add/drop period) may petition the College Refund Committee for a refund of fees. Refund requests must be submitted NO LATER than the last day of the following semester for which the student is requesting a refund.  No other requests for refunds will be permitted.  A documented College error is one wherein the student can definitively show that an error on the part of SCF resulted in the student’s course withdrawal.  Petitions that contain documented proof will be considered by the Refund Committee based on the these guidelines and the decision will be final.  Applications are available in the Financial Aid Office at SCF Bradenton and SCF Venice.

Fee Waiver: A fee waiver may be awarded to repeat a class or classes that a student was forced to withdraw from after the add/drop period due ONLY to the student’s sudden illness/incapacity requiring five consecutive days of hospitalization.  To request a fee waiver, a refund petition, including appropriate hospital admission and discharge documentation, must be submitted.

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