Program Information

  • Program Level: Associate in Science (A.S.)
  • Area of Interest: Nursing and Health Professions
  • Location: SCF Bradenton

SCF's Radiography Program

The Radiography Program combines didactic and clinical education to prepare the graduate for a career as a radiographer.

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Radiography [2023]

Program Information

  • Program Level: Associate in Science (A.S.)
  • Area of Interest: Nursing and Health Professions
  • Location: SCF Bradenton

Radiography Application Information

The Radiography program application period runs from January 1-January 31.

The Radiography program application period runs from January 1st through the last business day of the month annually. Students will not be able access, view or complete the program application until the application period opens on January 1st.

The program does not utilize a wait list. Student must apply/reapply every year. The Radiography program is a limited enrollment program. Completion of all or part of the application requirements does not guarantee acceptance. All applications & supporting documentation, including evidence of completion of the program’s virtual information session or a previous certificate of attendance, must be received by the Radiography Program by 4pm on the last business day of January. 

All correspondence including accepted/denied emails will be sent to the students SCF email. 

Transfer Students

All Radiography Programs are individual within themselves regarding sequencing of courses and program requirements. Because of this individuality, it is extremely difficult to accept transfer students from other Radiography programs and maintain the appropriate sequencing for the students learning process, preparation for graduation and board examinations. Each student requesting transfer will have their current Radiography program evaluated for consistency of course sequencing, program requirements and compatibility with the SCF Radiography Program. State College of Florida also requires that at least 25% of the course credit hours required for the degree/certificate must be completed at SCF. For Radiography this would be a minimum of 19 credit hours.

Advanced placement students are considered for admissions on a space available basis. If more than one student applies for advanced placement for the same available space in the class, the date of the completed application including transcripts (other than the currently attended classes) will be the determining factor. The following are the policies and procedures related to advanced placement into the SCF Radiography Program.

Acceptance of Transfer Students or Advanced Placement

The applicant must:

  1. At the time of application, be currently enrolled in a Radiography Program accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT) and/or Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). Students not currently enrolled in a radiography program, but left their prior program in good standing within the past six months, may be considered for advanced placement on an individual basis.
  2. Complete an application to State College of Florida and submit it to the College Admissions Office. In the event the applicant has previously attended State College of Florida and the applicant has missed one or more major semesters, the previous application must be updated.
  3. Complete an additional application to the Radiography Program for Advanced Placement  with the $35.00 application fee attached and returned to the Radiography Department.
  4. Successfully complete all the courses that he/she is currently enrolled in with a “C” or better.
  5. Request official transcripts from all previously and currently attended colleges and universities, whether the courses apply to the Radiography degree or not, and have them sent directly to the SCF Office of Admissions.
  6. Have a GPA of no less than 2.5 in all courses related to the Radiography degree with a minimum of a “C” in each course, with the exception of Anatomy and Physiology I which needs a “B” or better.
  7. Submit a copy of the syllabi, clinical evaluations and completed competency exams for all Radiography courses, completed and currently taking, to the SCF Radiography Program Director for evaluation. Once evaluated, it may be determined that the student may need to repeat a course or course(s) in order to complete all of the SCF Radiography Program requirements. Additionally, an educational plan will be developed to assure the student possesses appropriate didactic knowledge and clinical skills.
  8. Request a letter be sent to the SCF Radiography Program Chair from the Director of your current Radiography program verifying that you are in “good standing” and the reason for your withdrawal from that program.
  9. Complete a SCF Health Professions Medical form including a statement of satisfactory physical and mental health and a record of current serum titers verifying immunity from communicable diseases, immunizations and record of annual tuberculosis test or chest films. This form will be provided from the Radiography Department.
  10. Hold a current CPR certification Basic Life Support for the Health Care Provider through the American Heart Association, which will remain current through the student’s graduation. Students, who have completed less than 3 credit hours (SCF equivalent) of Practicum I, will be required to successfully complete a CNA certification course. This course must be taken prior to starting the program’s Practicum courses.
  11. Submit documentation for a background check. (Information will be provided.)