Music Certified Programs

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The Music Program at State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota offers two certificate programs to recognize high levels of musical achievement. The Certificate of Musical Skills is awarded on the basis of the successful completion of all the coursework necessary for a truly university-parallel curriculum. A capstone examination on musicianship skills is also required.

The Certificate of Musical Performance is awarded on the basis of the completion of all the requirements for the Certificate of Musical Skills, followed by the public presentation of a solo recital. Students often find preparing for the Certificate recital to be helpful as they also prepare to audition for upper-level schools.

Students who would like to apply for either of the certificates should formally request consideration in writing by the end of the third week in March. Once the request has been received, eligibility will be determined and confirmed or denied. The capstone musicianship exam will then be scheduled.

Only students who are eligible to apply for the Certificate of Musical Skills may apply for the Certificate of Musical Performance. Eligible students should submit a typed program of their repertoire with complete titles, names and dates of composers, and translations of vocal texts as appropriate. The proper preparation of a concert program is considered part of the learning process included in this certificate program. Therefore, be careful to submit your program exactly as you wish it to appear at your recital. The deadline for submitting the application for the Certificate of Musical Performance is the end of the second week of April. All applications must have the approval of the applicant's principal applied teacher.

Certificate of Musical Skills

The "Certificate of Musical Skills" will be awarded to those students who complete a minimum of 35 semester hours in music courses with a minimum grade point average of 3.0:

A. 2 years of music theory (written and aural) 16 credit hours
B. 2 years of principal applied instrument (must include 4 credit hours at Applied II level) 8 credit hours
C. 2 years of class piano (unless found proficient and exempted) 4 credit hours
D. 1 semester of class voice (unless found proficient and exempted) 1 credit hour
E. 1 semester of class guitar (unless found proficient and exempted) 1 credit hour
F. 2 years of a major performing ensemble 4 credit hours
G. 1 semester of Intro. to Music History/Literature (MUH 2110) 3 credit hours
H. Satisfactory completion of Recital Attendance (MUS 1010) 4 semesters
I. Satisfactory completion of musicianship exit test  


Any exceptions of this minimum or these course requirements necessitated by unusual circumstances must require the unanimous approval of all full-time music faculty. Those who receive the certificate will be recognized by the Music Program at the end of the Spring term in an appropriate manner.

Certificate of Musical Performance

The Certificate of Musical Performance will be awarded to students who demonstrate a level of excellence on their principal instrument or voice. Students must be recommended by their applied music instructor and each must receive the unanimous approval of the full-time music faculty. Each student must present a public recital of approximately thirty (30) minutes in length. The recital may be solo or shared. The literature for the recital should be selected from at least three different major style periods of music history (the requirement for three different style periods is waived for jazz principals). Composition students may combine a recital of their original compositions with performance on their principal instrument. Only students who qualify for the "Certificate of Musical Skills" are eligible for the "Certificate of Musical Performance."

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