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On St. Patrick’s Day, everybody’s Irish! Unfortunately, nobody’s immune to the consequences of drunk driving. Every year, thousands of people needlessly lose their lives in motor vehicle crashes involving impaired drivers and motorcyclists. Last year, 327 of these alcohol-related crashes occurred during the St. Patrick’s Day holiday.

And the costs are not only death, disfigurement, disability or injury. There are significant financial costs as well - car repairs, hospital bills, legal fees, bail, higher insurance rates, fines, court costs and lost time at work. Not to mention the trauma and social stigma of being the guy who got busted for drunk driving.

It’s simply not worth it when there are so many ways to avoid it altogether. So, whether you’re planning a night at the pub or partying with 5,000 of your closest friends in the parade downtown, you can’t rely on the luck of the Irish to keep you safe. You have to make your own luck.

Remember: Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk.


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