Applied Music Instruction

Applied lessons are one-on-one instruction with the SCF music faculty. An applied lesson is a two-credit hour academic credit with a lab fee. Applied lessons also can be taken for non-credit through SCF Lifelong Learning and Workforce Development.

During the fall and spring terms, you receive 14 applied lessons for 53 minutes on your principal instrument/voice. During the summer semester, you receive 12 applied lessons for 60 minutes.

All students planning to major in music should take applied lessons on their major instrument every fall and spring semester. Non-music majors also are eligible for applied lessons.

Jury examinations for Applied Preparatory instruction may be given one-on-one by the instructor. Students taking lessons in Applied I and Applied II levels are required to present a jury examination for the appropriate music faculty. Jury examination is also required when preparatory students apply to qualify for Applied I. Juries are held during the final exam week. The jury examination sheet is available below, from the appropriate faculty office, and the music office; please click on the jury sheet in your area of study.

Composition Examination Sheet  Vocal Examination Sheet

 Instrumental Examination Sheet Guitar Examination Sheet


All students taking applied lessons need to contact the director in their area of study:

Melodie Dickerson, Director of Vocal/Choral Studies

941-752-5580 or email

SCF Voice Handbook

Don Bryn, Coordinator of Keyboard Studies

941-752-5582 or email

Rex Willis, Director of Guitar Studies

941-752-5591 or email

Dr. Pete Carney, Director of Jazz Studies/Applied Saxophone Instructor

 941-752-5590 or email  

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