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Foreign Language

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Join us and learn to speak another language. We offer a wide variety of language classes where you can learn to converse with others. Whether you are new to the language, or want to brush up on your speaking skills, our classes are great for meeting new people and learning the history of different languages! We offer different levels of classes in English, French, Italian, Sign Language & Spanish.

Conversational English
Conversational German

Learn the English language by understanding grammar, how to read and write in the English language and to converse with family and friends. Currently offered in Level 1 & 2.

Planning to take a trip to Germany? Do you have family that speak German? Learn the basics of the German language in this class. Textbook is available at the SCF bookstore.
French for Travelers
Sign Language
Learn basic phrases needed for a trip to a French-speaking country and get ideas about what to see and do. This class is a great refresher for those familiar with the language and as an introduction to French. Textbook is available at the SCF bookstore.

Learn how to sign basic American sign language. Learn the ABC's and colors and how to put sentences together!

Conversational Italian

Whether you're planning a trip to Italy or just want to communicate better with your Italian relatives, this course will provide you with the basics. No previous knowledge of Italian required. Textbook is available at the SCF bookstore. Course is offered in Level 1, 2, & 3.

The object? To speak - hablar. The textbook (with cassettes, if desired), which is used for three courses, is available at the SCF Bookstore. A workbook will be given out in class and a dictionary is necessary. ¡Bienvenidos! Spanish courses offered include: Conversational Spanish Levels 1-4 & Survival Spanish.

English for College

English for College is an intensive program for adult, beginner and high-beginner English language learners that helps them reach the level of English needed to be accepted as a student at State College of Florida (SCF). The English for College program is specifically designed for students who plan to eventually attend college at SCF.  It is an academic skills program, with homework, tests, and required attendance. This program is not designed for people who simply want to learn or improve English conversation skills. Spring 2016 class will begin in February 2016. Call 941-752-5203 for details.

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