Corporate and Community Development

Voice, Music & Instrumental

Music, Movement & Vitality
Something healthy is going on here!  The winning combination of music and movement promotes a sense of well-being as you learn about music.  Who will attend the class?  Anyone interested in improving balance, coordination and concentration with moderate aerobic exercise, and having fun in a non-competitive class.  What do they learn in class?  We move to music improvised at the piano by the instructor, stepping rhythms, clapping and conducting.
Private Music & Voice Lessons
Private lessons are available for the interested community members or non-degree seeking SCF students. Lessons should be prearranged with the instructors before registration. You can contact instructors directly thought the music department at 941-752-5351 or call the Corporate & Community Development office at 941-752-5203.
Piano Improvisation:
Spontaneous Musical Expression
Imagine a class where there are no mistakes! Where anything, literally anything, goes as you learn to listen, learn what you like, and what you don't, and learn to put it all together to make music your own.  The more you do it, the better you are able to choose the sounds you want to hear.  Take a motive, stir in compositional device or two, sprinkle with imagination, blend with courage and serve to venturous musicians.  Join us for a fun musical experience.

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