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DUI Victim Program

Purpose of the DUI Victim Program

To assist DUI, habitual traffic, and other offenders in changing their driving behavior patterns. The Victim Panel is designed to modify driver behavior through educating and introducing the driver to the realities of how irresponsible driving impacts the community, victims and their families, and the driver's own family.

The DUI Victim Program MAY BE COURT ORDERED for DUI, Reckless Drivers (with or without Substance involvement), Habitual Traffic Offenders and others.

The DUI Victim Panel fulfills the requirements for court orders that refer to Victim Impact Panel.


  1. Provide an alternative educational program for DUI, habitual traffic, and other offenders to the county court system.

  2. Offer DUI, habitual traffic, and other offenders new approaches to change driving behavior patterns, thereby reducing the impact that collisions, injuries, and deaths have upon the community.

Cost: $25.00

Register by phone with Visa/Mastercard or American Express. 

SCF Bradenton Campus: 
Phone: 941-752-5286 

SCF Sarasota Office:

Phone: 941-487-7400 

SCF Venice Campus:
Phone: 941-408-1520 or 941-408-1521


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