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Language and Literature

The Department of Language and Literature is committed to providing as many eLearning opportunities to our students as possible.  Our ultimate goal is to be able to offer enough courses in a eLearning format that a student might be able to complete degree requirements in this format. The flexibility of eLearning makes it a wise choice for students who work or have family obligations that make it difficult for them to attend classes during regularly scheduled hours. Evaluate your readiness for eLearning course by taking this eLearning Self-Evaluation. If you are considering a eLearning course, please check out SCF's Online Learning page

Language and Literature eLearning Courses


AML 2010 American Literature I  
AML 2020: American Literature II  
EAP 1620 Reading VI  
EAP 1640 Writing VI  

ENC 1101: Written Communications I


ENC 1102: Written Communications II

ENC 2210: Technical Communication  
ENL 2010: English Literature I  
ENL 2022: English Literature II  

LIT 2012: The Novel:


LIT 2030:  Introduction to Poetry  

LIT 2090: Contemporary Literature


LIT 2380: Women and Literature

LIT 2110: World Lit. I  

LIT 2120: World Literature II

SPC 1608: Fundamentals of Speech Communication  
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